October’s First Friday Art Walk in Nevada City



Local artist, Liz Collins, will be showing her art at J.J.Jackson’s
from 5:30-8 during the First Friday Artwalk.
Come down and join the fun on Friday, October 4th!


Now working in mixed media, old maps have become a fascination. Partly wanting to save them from rotting away in library drawers(!), Liz also wanted people to remember them, and cherish this icon that is quickly fading to obsolete. Forever a world traveler, she also thought, “why not combine her 2 greatest loves, art and travel? In fact why not  throw in her other 2 loves poetry and music?” So, her originals are “painted” with maps, sheet music, her own writing, oil pastel and acrylic with no rhyme or reason as to which layer goes on first, which last. It is an organic process.

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