Teresa Berliner Mann, owner of J.J.Jackson’s, to emcee TEDxNevada City, Feb. 22

Hi Friends,

I am writing today to encourage you to join in an exciting evening. TEDx Nevada City is happening on Friday, February 22nd at 7pm at The Haven. I think it is going to be a very inspiring gathering.

As many of you know, TEDx is a local gathering simulating the hugely popular TED conferences that happen annually. They are intended to further TED’s mission of “ideas worth spreading” on a local level.

We have a great lineup of videos and live presentations. (I get to introduce them all as I am Mistress of Ceremony!) The intent of this event is to encourage women to look up from their detail-oriented lives, examine their thoughts and pursue the ideas bouncing around the edges of their minds.

Friday, Feb. 22
7-10 p.m.
Haven Underground, Nevada City

One of the many videos on TED.com, I found Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat, Pray, Love) TED talk entertaining and thought-provoking:
Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Thanks for forwarding TEDxNevadaCity info to all of your local women friends who enjoy inspiring speakers and interesting ideas.

I hope to see you February 22nd!

Teresa Mann



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